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How to get failed Fusion Drive replaced

I tried to get my failed Fusion Drive on my new iMac replaced, and I migrated my old backup data to this new one, then it failed, and now the drive is split, and Disk Utility cannot fix and format it, too. I am desperate to solve it because I have loads of work to do, please help, any thoughts?

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iBoysoft author Yuri Zhang

Yuri Zhang

Answered on Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Before taking any action, diagnose the problem to confirm that your Fusion Drive has indeed failed. You can use utilities like Disk Utility on macOS to check the status of your drives. If possible, back up your important data from the Fusion Drive. Since a Fusion Drive combines an SSD and an HDD, your data might still be accessible if only one component has failed.  Some people might think of recovery mode. Given your description of being unable to repair or format Fusion Drive, it's possible that Recovery Mode might not fully resolve the issue if it's related to hardware failure.

In such cases, contacting Apple Support or Apple Store is advisable, especially if your iMac is still under warranty or covered by Apple Care. If your Mac is out of warranty, you might consider replacing the Fusion Drive yourself. If you opt for a DIY replacement, make sure to purchase a compatible replacement drive. Ensure that the replacement drives match the specifications of your original Fusion Drive. This process usually involves opening your Mac, removing the old drive, installing the new one, and then setting up the Fusion Drive using macOS utilities. Once the new Fusion Drive is installed and configured, restore your data from your backup. After replacement, thoroughly test your system to ensure that the new Fusion Drive is working correctly. 

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