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What to Do If MacBook Pro Is Not Turning On?

My MacBook Pro won't turn on even I press the power button. Any solution to boot up my MacBook? Thanks a lot!

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iBoysoft author Connie Yang

Connie Yang

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

Do you press the power button correctly? To turn on a MacBook, press the power button (Touch ID) for 2-3 secs. If pressing the power button doesn't turn on your MBP, you should consider other workarounds.

To boot up a MacBook that won't turn on, you can follow these ways:

1. Connect your MacBook to a power source

When the MBP's battery drains, it won't start up. And the Mac screen shows black. You can charge the computer for at least 15 minutes. Then, press the power button to check if it can boot up.

2. Check the power connections

If the power cable, power adapter, or Mac port has hardware issues, your MacBook Pro can't be charged. So, the machine can't turn on or even charge it for a moment. You can change the accessories for power charging to ensure the computer has enough power to boot up.

  • Connect the power adapter to another port on your MacBook Pro.
  • Change to another power supply.
  • Try another power adapter.

3. Disconnect all peripherals

A connected USB hub and multiple external devices can drain the power and make your MBP won't turn on. Disconnect them to check if your Mac can start up.

4. Reset SMC

SMC takes over Mac's power supply, hibernation, and sleep and wake. Resetting SMC can fix the errors in these low-level functions, allowing your Mac to turn on as usual.

5. Repair the MacBook Pro

Probably, your MacBook is damaged so it won't turn on. You can send your MacBook to a repair center or contact the Apple support team.

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