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How to fix Error 69845 in Disk Utility?

It is impossible to run a Samsung QVO 870 8 TB on Monterey. I tried all file system types, APFS and HFS+ first, it works for a while, then suddenly the disk may no longer be mounted. This is indicated by error messages such as "Could not mount “Manual Bkup 8TB”. (com.apple.DiskManagement.disenter error 49244.)"Using Disk Utility's First Aid is ending in "File system verify or repair failed. : (-69845)". I tried all other forum/discussion.apple.com suggestions I found, but nothing helped. There must be a severe bug in the File System handling of newer macOS versions. The disk I'm trying is the 2nd one, the first I already returned. I tried on an MBP16 in 2019 and an iMac 5K in Late 2015, both running Monterey 12.2.1.

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iBoysoft author Eudora Liu

Eudora Liu

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

Here are several ways for you to fix File system verify or repair failed. :(69845) and com.apple.DiskManagement.disenter error 49244.

You need to fix com.apple.DiskManagement.disenter error 49244 first. This error indicates there are some problems on the drive or macOS, making the disk even cannot be mounted by the Mount feature in Disk Utility. Before you start to fix this error, you can restart your Mac or check if the file system of the drive is compatible with macOS.

Now, you can take the following ways to fix com.apple.DiskManagement.disenter error 49244.

You mentioned that when you run First Aid in Disk Utility, you received such an error message File system verify or repair failed. :(69845). Don't worry, you can try the following methods and rerun First Aid until error 69846 is eliminated.

  • Restart your Mac
  • Reformat the disk in Disk Utility
  • Replace it or send it to repair

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