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How to uninstall the unwanted apps on Mac?

There are some unwanted apps on my Mac, and I want to uninstall them, do I just need to move them to the Trash?

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Yes, you can directly drag and drop the unwanted app into the Trash and choose "Delete" to uninstall it for Mac. But, it may doesn't work for some system apps preinstalled by macOS.

System apps such as Mail, Maps, Books, etc., can't be deleted, these apps are required by macOS for normal functions. And other preinstalled apps such as iMovie and GarageBand can be uninstalled. Besides, third-party apps downloaded from Mac App Store and the internet can be deleted by moving to the Trash.

In addition to dragging and dropping apps to Trash, you can also uninstall apps on Mac with Finder, Launchpad, Terminal, the app's built-in uninstaller, and a third-party uninstaller for Mac such as iBoysoft MagicMenu. Before you uninstall apps on Mac, you should make sure the app is not in use, otherwise, you may receive the message "The item can't be“moved to the Trash because it's open." 

Download and install iBoysoft MagicMenu!

After deleting the unwanted app, you'd better continue to remove its leftover files, so that you can free up more disk space on your Mac. iBoysoft DiskGeeker, the all-in-one disk management tool for Mac, would be a helper. It can scan the Mac hard drive and search for unneeded files, then you can remove them with ease.

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