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How Do You Recover An Overwritten iTunes Backup File?

My iPhone 6 is iOS 10.1.1 and I'm using iTunes 12.5.2 I did a full system restore on my iPhone 6 today 11/12. After restoring I tried to install my most recent backup from 11/02. It required a password which I couldn't figure out (I now know what it is) so after a little "research" to fix the problem, I checked the "encrypt iTunes backup" box and got a pop-up to type in a new password twice (new/confirmation). After typing the new password my iPhone's system restored again, but instead of going to the 11/02 backup, It just created a new backup for today, 11/12 and it was overwritten on my 11/02 back up, which is now deleted. I've checked preferences>devices, and %appdata%.. the 11/02 backup is gone everywhere. I also tried a system restore on my computer (Windows 10) to 11/08 in hopes of it restoring iTunes back to that point as well, but that was pointless. Now i'm stuck with none of my phone's data because iTunes overwrote my original backup. Does anyone have an idea of what I could do to fix this and find that original 11/02 backup?

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Hi there, I am sorry to tell you that there is less possibility to recover the iTunes backup file provided that it was overwritten. Aside from that, the iTunes file is encrypted with a different passcode. If you get that passcode in, you may be able to access the backup.

Good luck~

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