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Can I decrypt Mac FileVault-enabled drive on another Mac/PC

Hello, I recently experienced a Macbook Pro mishap. I accidentally poured water on it, and now the motherboard is dead. Hopefully, there is no damage to the hard disk. I discovered I couldn't open my MacBook Pro's hard disk because FileVault 2 (Core Storage) had encrypted it when I plugged it into another machine (a Windows PC) using a USB. I now have multiple inquiries: Can I use a Windows computer to directly unlock the FileVault on an external hard drive? I want to open the Firevault on a Windows computer later; is it possible to decrypt it directly on another Mac?

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

You can't not decrypt the FileVault-encrypted drive on a Windows PC by default. Although some paid or free software claims to be able to decrypt the drive, some need the FileVault recovery key. You can directly use the FileVault recovery key to decrypt the drive on another Mac.

FileVault is a full disk encryption method for startup drives on Mac. If you connect the hard drive of the dead MacBook to another Mac, it will prompt for the FileVault recovery key to unlock the drive, if you want to use the drive on a Windows PC, you should turn off FileVault in System Settings on the Mac.


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