iBoysoft Drive Manager for Mac User Reviews (40)

This product is excellent. It is very user friendly, easy and simple and only shows a small icon on top of the screen. I actually tried 3 other software for NTFS compatibility for MAC, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work until I installed this iBoysoft Drive Manager. I highly recommend this software.

Excellent software for mac OS, which is in the same level to others applications related to access NTFS partitions.It is very intuitive and easy to use. The integration is smooth in mac OS.

This is awesome!! Finally I found the software that allows me to write and read on my NTFS drives. Moving from Windows to Mac is now much easier thanks to iBoysoft.

Awesome product ever! I have a seagate hardisk 2TB with 1 TB of precious data, but it was configured with Windows PC.Online solutions were prompting to format the hard disk to the APFS format supported by Mac. I couldnt format my harddisk with so much precious data on it. That's when I came across this piece of beauty. Quick installing process. I could use my hdd with both Mac and Windows. Thanks a million!!

Absolutely love this makes working easier between different computers. Making backups and moving files.

good product, i was looking for this kind of product for a long time

Love this software as its super reliable and easy to set up. It makes my life so much easier because I can use my hard drive on both my mac and windows computers seamlessly.

This is a terrific product! I was searching long and hard for a product that would seamlessly allow me to use my windows formatted Hard drives on a mac and finally found something that is easy to use and super affordable :)

Absolutely love this software! It works so great that I don't even have to ever think about it :)

great product I found it very useful and very easy to use it I hope that apple slowly it will make it default to read ntfs disk format

I still wonder why Apple hasn't included full native NTFS drivers in MacOS. Luckily, we can use iBoysoft Drive Manager to overcome that. I actually like the way they integrated to Finder with a simple menu that is a no-brainer. I would give 5-stars if it included a few advanced features, such as converting text files from ISO-Latin-1 to UTF-8 and vice-versa. An option to prevent Mac invisible dot files from appearing in NTFS drives would also be mostly welcome. But thanks iBoysoft for making our lives easier.

Great product. Makes it so easy for people that share external drives across both Mac and Windows machines. It's fast, reliable, and intuitive.

I have tried several different ntfs mounting software, some did not work with my usb flash drive at all, some were not user friendly, some too expensive. iBoySoft Mac Drive Manager appears to be exactly the one that fits my needs - I can mount usb drives across devices, no annoying ads, works well. Totally recommend!

Excellent software for mac OS, which is in the same level to others applications related to access NTFS partitions.It is very intuitive and easy to use. The integration is smooth in mac OS.

I have a Macbook pro a little old but working perfectly! I had a windows computer before so my HD where all format NTFS. That format my mac cannot read or write.
I have all my kids pictures in it! We are close to their aniversary (they are twins) and i wanted to print some photos to stick in the wall with their history.
I tried to use many programes but the are so expensive and dificult to use, many steps before you see your info on the external drives,I've tried many ways to crack the system too, by entering diferent order no "Terminal" but, not only they didn't work, but i had that feeling that i was doing wrong for my computer.
Till I've found IBOYSOFT Drive Manager.
It is so simple, so fast...no headaches! Perfect for those who, like me, doesn't know much about computers.
Thanks IBOYSOFT for developing such a good programe!

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