How to mount Google Drive as a local drive on Mac?

Posted by Molly to Cloud Mounter on October, 18th, 2018

You must be impressed by Google Drive's huge capacity as an extension of your Mac disks, as well as its convenience when sharing files with persons on various devices anywhere. However, if you have ever attempted to sync the files in your Google Drive account and open or work on them on your Mac desktop, you may wonder: Wouldn't it be better if there's a method to mount or map Google Drive as a local drive on Mac, and you can manage the files on Google Drive in Mac Finder?

Why it's better to mount Google Drive as a local drive on Mac?

In fact, there's sync service from Google that allows you to download a folder on the Mac's local drive with the online storage. However, on the one hand, syncing the files means you need a folder with the same capacity to mirror the files online and keep a copy on your Mac disk, which is usually gigabytes or terabytes in size. On the other hand, syncing between online space and your Mac is time-consuming, which always makes your Mac stuck. Thus, mounting Google Drive on Mac as a local drive and accessing it from Mac Finder whenever you want will be a nice choice to save both space and time.

How to mount Google Drive as a local drive on Mac with cloud drive mounting software?

Luckily, there's cloud drive mounting software, such as CloudMounter, ExpanDrive, etc., that helps you mount Google Drive on Mac desktop like a local drive, and allows you to view, edit, delete, add, or share files from Finder without having to download to your Mac computer. The whole process is as easy as accessing the files stored on an external drive. What's more, such Google Drive mounting software also lets you manage multiple accounts at the same time from one place on your Mac.

It's very straightforward to mount Google Drive as local drive on Mac with such mounting software, all through your Google Drive account. Let's take CloudMounter as an example.

Firstly, you need to download and install it on your Mac.

Then, launch it and choose the cloud drive service that you want to mount as local drive on Mac, such as Google Drive.

Choose Google Drive

At last, provide your Google Drive account to gain authority to the drive. After login, you will see the Google Drive mounted and you can access it directly from Finder.

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