iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac User Reviews (105)

Success! I recovered all the files that I needed. Thanks a lot for your software.

Your program got all my data! I’m very very happy!! Thank You So much!!

Just wanted to say thank you so much to showing me how to retrieve my files!! It really worked!

Recovered ALL files from T2 MacBook Pro (with FileVault turned on!)Thank you so much - I had lost 10 years of photos!

I got it to work thank you sooo. much literally saved my career

Dude!!!! You are a fucking genius!!!!! Thank you it worked it worked

does the job.used it to recover data for a damaged usb stick and worked although free version has limitations.

Mac DiskUtility failed consistently in recovering lost container on original Mac SSD on APFS volume. fsck_apfs in root shell found "unrecognised features" in container superblock and exited with "volume could not be verified completely" error, without repairing anythingNo other disk utility besides iBoysoft was able to mount the lost container or even display files on the unmountable volume. iBoysoft DataRecovery did recover the urgently needed data from the drive, smoothly and fully. Worth every cent, without any restrictions. Saved my month, or probably more. Highly recommended!

Your software worked exactly as advertised. I was able to fully recover all data from the defective drive. All files and formats opened, including: Word, pdf, mpeg, QT, indesign, ppt, excel, and more.

My hard drive was unable to mount and I didn’t have access to more than 600 GB of critical data. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac worked miracles.I recovered everything.Well worth the money. Easy to use and your documentation is perfect.Thanks,

Ahhhh it eventually showed up and saved my business THANK YOU SO MUCH. Happy I fell across your product!

Look no further! iBoysoft has created the best data recovery software!I'm a Pro user, so I know how things work. This software is absolutely incredible. With iBoysoft I was able to recover 10 TB of extremely important data.Congratulations iBoysoft! 10

Yesterday I lost some photos I had on a deleted SD card. I found your free software and it was perfect for me. Thank you so much.

My MacBook Air hard drive would not mount and I thought all was lost, but in a few hours (via USB-C), iBoysoft Data Recovery Pro saved everything from my unmounted disk – keeping all files in their original folders with their original metadata. I am astonished and very relieved.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You were the fifth software I downloaded, and the only one that could actually retrieve my files. You saved me a lot of trouble and tears!!!!!!!

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