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You guys saved my ass!!! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES.I have been up all night working on a broken sd card and your product is genius.THANKS!!!!!

This worked! I can’t tell you how happy I am!! Thank you very very much. I really appreciate all of the support that you gave and how great your product is.

Great app and even more impressive tech support!Have a client with a failed hdd, not only did the software find the files, but when I ran into problems using the software, discovered something even more rare in the general app market: quick and knowledgeable tech support. iBoysoft responded immediately and jumped in to fix the problem. Great software and even greater support, highly recommended.

Long story short: iBoysoft is a great app, and the support team is both quick and competent.This is what happened: my MacBook Pro (Early 2011) running High Sierra on an internal SSD formatted as APFS suddenly crashed. When I tried rebooting using the power button, my screen turned gray and showed a gray barred circle in the center. I tried booting with cmd R, but could neither repair nor mount my internal drive. I tried the same exercise with MacOS running from an external drive, both with DiskUtility and Terminal, and I could simply not mount the drive. I thought about re-installing MacOS on the drive, but I couldn't do that because... well... because the drive was not mounted. After two days of playing around, I thought that my data was lost. Then I found out about, and purchased iBoysoft Professional Edition. At first I managed to get all of my data back, but all the files were corrupt. Then I contacted support, explained my problem to them, and a few hours later, they gave me advice which enabled me to recuperate all of my data. iBoysoft managed to recuperate close to 100% of my data. Worth the money.

The fourth attempt to restore the data via the volume and depth scan has worked. Suddenly the preview of the pictures was displayed. After restoring, I was able to reopen all the files. Perfect - thanks for your support and patience. I will definitely recommend the software.

I am so happy that I found this software. I have searched everywhere for a software that can recover my lost HD files, and most of the softwares that I've tried didn't have the exact same name for the folders - they will usually rename the folders for the recovery making it harder to find the lost files. But with iBoysoft product, I can easily find back my lost items as they retained the name of the folders as they were. It's also easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Last week, I accidentally deleted very importan files and tried many ways to solve them. I felt that the sky would collapse and my heart would burn for months. Asked a lot of friends, and finally found this software to help me find the data, so that my work and life can be restored to normal. Thank you so much for the software.

Extraordinary program! Fantastic. It worked perfectly to recover files on an HDD that no longer worked. I recommend it to everybody! He saved a lifetime's work with a few simple clicks. Easy and intuitive to use. The free trial allows you to assess whether it also works in your case.

This program helped me out so much! As an artist there were files that I simply couldn't do without on my corrupted disk drive, and iboysoft got to them in no time. I expected a long wait considering there were seven years worth of files to go through, but it was only a few hours. That's nothing compared to other programs!

The program looks very promising. The interface is simple and intuitive, allowing the access of several users, from the most experienced to the most inexperienced. However, paid programs tend to be less downloaded compared to free programs. I am waiting for my activation code so that I can thoroughly test the program, since I am limited to 1000Mb in the free version.

Iboysoft is a very useful application. I had a damaged hard disk, couldn't be read by my Mac I downloaded Iboysoft and after 3 hours all my lost data was found and I was able to put it all on the hard disk again. Very happy with it!

I must admit to being very skeptical about this software. My external hard drive had failed with a lot of very important documents loaded on it, trying numerous programs which failed to live up to their hype and expectations, I came across "iboysoft" it was very easy to install so intuitive to use and yes it lived up to my expectations it is my number one software for data recovery.

I am a recording musician and when i had some files accidentally had some files deleted i was unable to meet a very important deadline. Good thing i found out about this software ! Very pleased, and so are my fans!

I had some important archives on my hard drive, but when I connected it to my Mac, it failed to load. iboysoft was my saviour, I don't know what I would have done without this!

Waw this software is was tremendously effective in recovering my data, I mistalenly formated my main external hard drive and had little hope of recovering it, i didnt even know it was possible. However the software was easy to use and recovered all my files in tack. It was deffinitely worth the purchase.

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