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I thought at first that all data on the 2nd disk was irretrievable. But when I re-ran your software on it all night it found a slightly older copy of the encrypted .dmg disk, and that copy seems to be ok. I’ve downloaded all the other files etc from the 1st failed drive. No problems opening them.

Was able to scan and recover files on one of my HDs very easily with this software. Nice, simple, and easy to use interface, with powerful features and functionality. Everything you want in a data recovery program. Thank you very much!

The program looks very promising. The interface is simple and intuitive, allowing the access of several users, from the most experienced to the most inexperienced. However, paid programs tend to be less downloaded compared to free programs. I am waiting for my activation code so that I can thoroughly test the program, since I am limited to 1000Mb in the free version.

I thought I’d let you know that your method below worked and I managed to recover a large amount of my data. ( I have purchased a licence).(btw … Apple are replacing the Drive - which is the whole motherboard as its soldered on ! - as they have tested and acknowledged the drive as faulty.)Thank-you for your assistance and prompt responses. Much appreciated.

A very useful application that allows you to recover everything. I had the damaged SD card, and I managed to recover all the data that could not be read either from the phone or from the computer. Recommended.

I was able to use our iMac to make the boot disk of iBoysoft Data Recovery, and I successfully recovered all of my home folder items I needed. Thank you so much!

Unfortunately the APFS software costs more than HFS version. And the problems started with Apples latest but not greatest filesystem. Thank you, Apple.And thanks iBoysoft. First I thought this was scam, but iBoysoft Data Recovery recovered big video data from a broken APFS SSD which was not playable after recovering with DiskDrill Pro. Thumbs up!

on the free trial, if you have a video longer than 30 seconds, there's no point in recovering it.

Accidentally deleted my primary Mac account, and I was desperately searching for answers to get my project back, until I run into iboysoft, by far the best recovery application on the market right now. Easy to use and fast

Had a disk drive which unfortunately became uninitializeable. While other Software couldn't restore the Data, iBoysoft Data recovery was the only software which also restored the Names and Folders of my Data, which saved me a lot of hassle. 5/5 would recommend

I had previously accidentally deleted a very important file of mine, I believed I would never see this again and began to panic... until I came across iboysoft which located the file for me in minuets. absolutely thrilled that I have now recovered the file, thank you iboysoft!

I bought your software as the hard drive (APFS) from my old MacBook pro did not get properly mounted after one hard power off. The data is perfectly fine and your software was able to quickly detect and restore the files. Unfortunately none of the restored file is functional. I have followed your instructions (Find Lost APFS Partitions) from iBoysoft tech support and the files are now correctly restored. Thanks for your assistance.

I lost all my data because of a stupid mistake. I tried the trial version of iboysoft and it miraculously recovered data for me. Same work would have required a visit to technician, wasting time explaining the issue and paying 10 times more. Highly Recommended.

I have tried multiple other services to restore SD cards that have corrupted from reformatting or other issues. iBoysoft is fast and efficient. All my files were easy to import onto my machine and all worked perfectly. Seriously, don't waste your time around the internet looking for solutions because this is it.

I have been using iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac for all of my data recovery needs.I recommend iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac mainly for its ease of use and speed, getting my files from permanently deleted to back in my hands in less than 2 hours. It has an intuitive interface with easy to follow menus. If you have lost any files, I would certainly recommend iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

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