iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac User Reviews (87)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You were the fifth software I downloaded, and the only one that could actually retrieve my files. You saved me a lot of trouble and tears!!!!!!!

Super fast and very easy to use. Thanks!

I have a 1 TB My Passport for Mac, which would not let me access any files for some reason. None of the Disk Utility features on my MacBook worked, so I took the hard drive to a local computer repair shop, where I received a quote of $350 to recover the files. Tried searching around online and discovered iBoysoft - which worked perfectly! Recovered all 10,000 pictures at 1/4 the cost. Would certainly recommend this product for similar scenarios.

thank you so much you saved my thesis work otherwise i would have lost everything

My internal Macintosh HD drive became corrupted, meaning I couldn't run it. So I used this program to extract the data I needed and, to my pleasant surprise, all the required files came out clean. My main gaffe is that you need to purchase a pricey premium package to get maximum results, but I must say I am impressed with what I got.

Great software and easy to use. I'm gad I downloaded the program because there were files on the drive I forgot about. I will sleep well tonight.

I'm grateful for this program. I was nervous to download, but read reviews. So happy they were true. I was able to recover a segate external. It took hours but everything was recoverd.

Recovered everything I needed to recover. Was a complicated recovery but technical support was amazing and between an exchange of 19 emails we got the job done. Money well wort spent.

I was downloading a few big files from the internet on a ssd drive Crucial, turn off the machine, came home from work where i was connected and my mac was DEAD!, i could mounted just one time to get my documents out, then i forgot my itunes library, that i did not copy, on the next boot the mac would not mount the drive anymore, so i had to find a software that could extract not deleted files, but existing files on the ssd, the only one capable of doing it was iBoysoft, which i bought it without hesitate after i tried the demo version

Thank so much for creating such a fantasitc software! It helped recover all the files from a 2TB external drive that had been encripted that stored data from 2 user accounts on a MacBook Pro. I would recommend this amazing recovery data to anyone.

Waw this software is was tremendously effective in recovering my data, I mistalenly formated my main external hard drive and had little hope of recovering it, i didnt even know it was possible. However the software was easy to use and recovered all my files in tack. It was deffinitely worth the purchase

You guys saved my ass!!! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES.I have been up all night working on a broken sd card and your product is genius.THANKS!!!!!

This worked! I can’t tell you how happy I am!! Thank you very very much. I really appreciate all of the support that you gave and how great your product is.

I have a 2GB Drive and I don't like the idea of spending $100 to make a bootble version iBoysoft Data Recovery Professional for Mac on a second Mac to recover my iMac from invalid content in journal error.

This Product Saved 5 Years of Photos from being Lost, an image of a windows computer from being lost, and finally saved me with all my tax information! Thanks!

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