Stellar Volume Repair vs DiskWarrior: Repair Disk and Recover Data Safely

Posted by Molly to Mac Data Recovery Tips on August 22nd, 2018

Disk Utility is an in-built macOS diagnostic tool to help users repair minor disk issues such as hard drive directory structure damage, file system permission problem and so on. But at times, Disk Utility can't repair this disk especially when the disk has bad sectors, corrupted volume headers or other serious issues. Fortunately, there're two third-party disk repair tools Stellar Volume Repair and DiskWarrior which can help.

Keep reading the full comparison between Stellar Volume Repair and DiskWarrior with both pros and cons.

Stellar Volume Repair vs DiskWarrior, which one is better in disk repair?

Stellar Volume Repair: powerful disk repair tool

Stellar Volume Repair is a professional volume repair tool for macOS Sierra and Mac OS X. It repairs corrupted volumes, damaged volume directory, volume permissions, and provides Rollback option to revert changes, etc. It's able to repair corrupted external hard drives as well as Mac internal drives.

Cons: Just as its name suggests, Stellar Volume Repair is merely a disk or volume repair tool. It doesn't support data recovery if you needed.

DiskWarrior: disk repair and data recovery software

DiskWarrior is one of the best Mac hard drive repair software that utilizes a different way to repair disks and rebuild directory. The software can also be used as a preventive maintenance utility for Mac storage device. When run, it rebuilds your directory eliminating any damage that you may not be aware of, and also optimizes the directory for better performance.

Cons: Though it supports data recovery, it doesn't support APFS volume repair or recovering data from corrupted APFS volumes which file system has been introduced since macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

So, if you don't have important data on the corrupted drive, or the drive or volume is formatted with HFS+, HFS on Mac, you can repair disk with either Stellar Volume Repair or DiskWarrior. But, if you have important data on APFS formatted volumes or drives, neither Stellar Volume Repair nor DiskWarrior can help. The best solution is to recover lost data from APFS volume/drive firstly with APFS data recovery software, then, to repair disk with Disk Utility, Stellar Volume Repair or DiskWarrior.

What is the best APFS data recovery software?

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is the best APFS data recovery software which is able to recover lost data from corrupted, formatted, unreadable, unmountable APFS volumes and drives. It also recovers deleted APFS volumes, recovers data from APFS formatted external hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, memory cards, etc. What's more, it also supports recovering data from encrypted APFS volumes on macOS Mojave 10.14/High Sierra 10.13/Sierra 10.12 and OS X 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7.

How to recover lost data from APFS volumes/drives with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac?

Step 1: Download and install iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac on Mac.

Step 2: Launch iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

Recover lost data from APFS volumes drives

Step 3: Select the hard drive you want to recover lost data from and click "Next" to scan all lost files.

Step 4: Preview the scanning results, choose files we need, and click "Recover" to get them back.


When encountering disk corruption, you should recover lost data immediately before repairing disk with Stellar Volume Repair or DiskWarrior. After recovering data with capable Mac hard drive recovery software like iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, then you can go ahead to repair the disk without worrying about data loss.

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