What Screen You See When Mac Won't Turn on?

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Mac Boots to a Black Screen

Mac black screen

Your Mac doesn't give any visual and acoustic response after you hit the power button and all you see is a black screen. It's known as the black screen of death. For Mac desktop, the Mac may have no power connections. If MacBook Air or MacBook Pro won't turn on, the battery needs a power charge or battery replacement.

How to fix MacBook Pro/Air black screen?

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How to fix iMac black screen?

Mac Stuck on White Screen

Mac white screen

Mac white screen usually results from incompatible programs which will freeze the computer at startup. Mac is charging and you hear the chime but the monitor shows white/grey/blank screen. Sometimes, you may see a cursor or a spinning wheel on the white screen.

Follow this step-by-step guide to solve Mac white screen issue and turn on your Mac again.

Mac Stuck on Loading Bar

Mac gets stuck on a loading bar screen or progress bar when the system has trouble in checking and loading the operating system, boot elements and necessary programs.

Users often encounter problems like these:

  • iMac progress bar stuck at 100% with a beach ball
  • Macbook Pro won't load after an update
  • MacBook Air gets stuck on Apple logo screen with a loading bar

Check the full list of Mac stuck on loading bar issues and solutions.

Mac stuck on loading bar

An apple logo appears on the Mac's screen when the startup hard drive is detected. So, if Mac won't boot past the Apple logo, you may suffer from issues like:

  • Incompatible software or macOS installed recently
  • Corrupted file system in startup disk

Read more specific advices on what to do when Mac gets stuck on the Apple logo when turning on.

Mac won't boot past Apple logo
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Mac Frozen at Login Screen

Mac stuck on login screen

Mac could be frozen at login screen even after you enter the correct password. There are two types of problems when you are logging in to the Mac.

  • The password to unlock the encrypted startup disk is accepted but Mac gets stuck on the loading bar later.
  • Mac goes past the loading bar but gets stuck at the login screen and won't let you log in.

Check out our full guide: Mac stuck on login screen, how to fix?

Mac Starts to Prohibitory Symbol

Mac has a cricle with a slash

A prohibitory symbol means that the Mac operating system on your startup disk is not a macOS that your Mac model can use. This sign stops your Mac from turning on frequently after a recent Mac operating system update, which is caused by an incomaptible macOS.

Learn how to fix the the circle with line through it sign at Mac startup.

A Folder With Question Mark

Mac won't turn on but shows a folder with flashing question mark. It means the system can't find the startup disk or the system folder because:

  • Mac has recently booted from an external system drive or Boot Camp.
  • Internal hard drive has corrupted or been replaced.
  • The system files or the macOS directory is damaged.

Get helpful solutions from this full guide to fix Mac folder with question mark.

Mac folder with question mark

Corrutped & Unmounted Startup Disk

Macintosh HD or Apple SSD is not mounted in Disk Utility but greyed out. Then the Mac won't turn on as usual. Reasons may include file system corruption, partition table lost, virus attacks, etc.

We conclude 7 solutions to Macintosh HD not mounted on Mac issue, helping your Mac turn on again.

Macintosh HD not mounted

How to Recover Data When Mac Won't Turn on?

If your Mac can not boot up, your files are in danger! You lose the access to the files stored on the unbootable Mac, and your misoperation may cause permanent data loss. Therefore, the best practice is to rescue and back up your important files first before you proceed to solve the issue.

Quick Fixes to Mac Not Turning on Issue

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