How to recover files deleted immediately from Trash or Finder?

Posted by Molly to Mac Data Recovery on July 6th, 2018

As of upgrading to macOS High Sierra, my Trash folder deletes files immediately. Dragging files to the Trash folder prompts the message "Are you sure you want to delete 'File_name'? This item will be deleted immediately. You can't undo this action." What if I want to recover files deleted immediately by my Mac? How can I stop Trash deleting files immediately?

What is Delete Immediately?

Delete Immediately is a long-awaited feature by some Mac users that enables them to delete files instantly without having to manually empty the Trash. It can be applied by pressing Option+Command+Delete or selecting "Delete Immediately" in Finder. However, this feature also brings troubles for those who deleted files unintentionally because after executing Delete Immediately, you won't be able to find those files in Trash.

Can I recover files deleted immediately from Trash?

Yes. In fact, when you delete files, the files are not really erased - they continue existing on your hard drive, but the space they took has been marked as available for new data. So, just like recovering deleted files emptied from Trash, until being overwritten, the immediately deleted files are recoverable with a data recovery program. If the file has been partially overwritten, the file recovery program can only recover part of the data.

How to recover files deleted immediately from Trash or Finder?

Just as mentioned above, a data recovery program like iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery can scan a hard drive for these immediately deleted files and restore them.

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is a reliable deleted data recovery software. It's able to recover deleted photos, documents, videos and music files from external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, CF cards, memory cards and other storage devices. It also recovers deleted APFS partitions, recovers deleted files from encrypted APFS hard drives, recovers lost data from formatted, unmountable, unreadable, inaccessible, corrupted drive on Mac

Recover files deleted immediately from Trash or Finder with iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery

Step 1: Download and install iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery on our Mac.

Step 2: Launch iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery, and choose Mac system hard drive.

Recover files deleted immediately from Trash or Finder

Step 3: Click "Next" to scan all lost files.

Step 4: Preview the results and choose files you want to recover, then click "Recover" button.

Bonus tips: How to stop Trash deleting files immediately on macOS and OS X?

1. Go to Applications > Terminal;

2. Type in sudo rm -ri ~/.Trash;

3. Offer your account's password and press return.

4. You should next be prompted to remove any files and folders in the.Trash folder, followed by the .Trash folder itself. Type yes and return at each prompt.

5. Log out and then log in again.

You should have successfully stopped your Mac from deleting trashed files immediately.

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