How to Recover Data after APFS Volume Decryption Failed?

Posted by Molly to Mac Data Recovery on July 16th, 2018

APFS natively supports full disk and file encryption with 3 options: no encryption, single-key encryption and multi-key encryption. At the same time however, some people are facing with APFS volume decryption troubles, such as APFS volume decryption failed, APFS volume decryption interrupted, stuck, froze, paused, etc. Read on to uncover the reasons of APFS volume decryption failure and the tutorial to recover data after APFS volume decryption failed.

Why APFS volume decryption failed?

Two of the most common reasons that lead to APFS volume decryption failure could be:

1. Catalog files corruption. If any catalog file of the APFS volume becomes corrupt, Mac will not be able to get the volume information, including volume size location, description of volume content, etc., thereby failing to decrypt APFS volume.

2. File system damage. If the file system of APFS volume is compromised, the master file table will be impacted too.

What to do if I failed to decrypt APFS volume?

If you failed to decrypt APFS volume, you'll have no access to the data stored on the drive. So first things first, you'd better try to recover data after APFS volume decryption failed.

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is capable of various APFS data recovery solutions, such as encrypted APFS external hard drive data recovery, formatted APFS encrypted drive data recovery, corrupted APFS volume data recovery, unmountable APFS drive data recovery, etc. It smoothly and flawlessly recovers data after APFS volume decryption failed on macOS Mojave/High Sierra.

How to recover data after APFS volume decryption failed with iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery?

Step 1: Launch iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery on Mac.

Step 2: Choose the APFS volume that failed to decrypt, then click "Next" to scan for all lost files on the volume.

Recover data after APFS decryption failed

Step 3: Enter password to start the scanning process.

Step 4: Preview the list results, choose what you want to get back, then click "Recover".

Step 5: Go through to make sure you have all the lost files back.

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