APFS partition recovery: recover deleted/lost partition

Posted by Katrina to Mac Data Recovery on December 12th, 2018

Ever since the release of macOS High Sierra, APFS comes to people's sight. As a new default file system, APFS supports a faster read and write speed, space sharing, multiple-key encryption, etc. However, many Mac users complained that they have mistakenly deleted an APFS partition or faced an error message that a partition is missing and so is their important data. If you have the similar situation and want to know how to perform APFS partition recovery, this passage is for you.

Why APFS partition recovery is possible?

When an APFS partition is deleted or lost, the system removes its assignment for that location on the hard drive and marks its space as free, allowing these spaces to be overwritten as needed. But all your "lost" data on the APFS partition is still there as long as the section of the disk remains intact.

Tips: Once you find an APFS partition deleted or lost on a disk, you should stop doing any further operation on that disk, including saving new files or reformatting the disk. Because these operations will overwrite the original data on the APFS partition. Instead, you need to recover deleted/lost APFS partitions firstly.

Best APFS partition recovery software

It's not easy to find a reliable APFS partition recovery software as some software could write over your original data. Therefore, if you need to recover a deleted/lost APFS partition, the best APFS recovery software is iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery because it is professional and read-only.

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery can recover data from deleted/lost APFS partitions, recover data from APFS encrypted volumes, recover data from formatted APFS drives, recover data from unmountable APFS drives, recover data from inaccessible APFS drives, recover data from corrupted APFS drives, etc.

Besides, iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery also supports data recovery from HFS+, HFSX, FAT32, exFAT hard drive, SSD, fusion drive, USB, external hard drive, SD card, memory card, pen drive, CF card, etc. It is able to recover 500+ file formats such as documents, pictures, music, videos, emails, etc.

Tutorial to recover deleted/lost APFS partition with iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery

Step 1: Download and install iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery on Mac

Step 2: Launch iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery.

Recover data from deleted/lost APFS partition

Step 3: Click "Find Lost APFS Partitions" on the top right corner. The program will start scanning all partitions on the computer.

Step 4: Choose the deleted/lost partition and click "Next" to start scanning all files on it.

Step 5: Preview the listed searching files, choose files we need, and click "Recover" to finish deleted/lost APFS partition recovery on Mac.

Common causes for lost/deleted partitions

If you mistakenly delete an APFS partition or your partition is missing, naturally, the first question you'll have is "what happened". There are a few factors that may cause lost and deleted partitions:

1. Accidental deletion: Since many Mac users are not familiar with APFS so it's common to mistakenly delete an APFS partition.
2. Damaged partition table: Sometimes the partition table of a disk could be damaged due to virus attack, power outage, unsafe ejection or any other faulty operations.
3. Bad sectors: Bad sector on the disk may prevent your partition from being recognized by the operating system so that it appears as missing.

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