io Folder lock software for Windows 10 free download full version

Folder lock software for Windows 10 free download full version

Posted by Katrina to File Protector on January 18th, 2018

We all have computer files we'd like to keep secret from the world. However, all versions of Windows don't provide a function to lock individual folders with passwords, even we upgrade to the newest version -Windows 10. In simple words, we can't password protect a folder without the help of professional folder lock software. Thus, many Windows 10 users are trying to find folder lock software for Windows 10 full version. That's the reason you are coming to this page.

If you google "folder lock software for Windows 10 free download full version", you will get thousands of results. Most of them only offer free trial, which means you have to pay the full version a few days later. Otherwise, you can't use it again. Some of them are keygen and cracked versions of famous folder lock software, which is possible to cause frequent computer crash and personal information leakage.

This passage will offer you a legal and real free version of folder lock software for Windows 10.

Folder lock software for Windows 10 free download full version

Here we recommend you the best free folder lock software - iBoysoft File Protector. iBoysoft File Protector provides a quick and easy way to protect sensitive information from leaks, theft, loss or virus attack on Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2016.

Lock files and folders with one password

iBoysoft File Protector helps us to lock our files and folders with only one password that only ourself can access the protected files and folders.

Three access methods

This free file protector software is highly advised when sharing your computer with multiple users, since it helps you to protect the privacy of your information from being viewed, written and deleted, folders with three access methods: Deny delete access, Deny read access and Deny write access.

Allow specific application access files

Besides its ability to encrypt files and folders, iBoysoft File Protector also has a feature for managing application permissions. This function is definitely a convenient function as sometimes we want to some frequently-used applications to access protected files as usual. Thus, we don't need to remove and add files in protection Windows over and over again.

How to free download folder lock software full version for Windows 10?

1. Share iBoysoft File Protector on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or other social network

2. Make a video for iBoysoft File Protector and send it to us

3. Write a review or passage for iBoysoft File Protector

4. Report bugs you found about iBoysoft File Protector

5. Give your advice for improving and optimizing iBoysoft File Protector

How to protect files/folders with iBoysoft File Protector?

Step 1: Free download , install and launch iBoysoft File Protector full version.

Step 2: Click "Protect files" to select a file/folder to protect. Then set the protection methods: Deny delete access, Deny write access or Deny read access you want.

Add a file/folder to protect with iBoysoft File Protector

Step 3: Allow specific application to access files under protection. You can select application allowed to access the protected file or allow one application to access several files if needed.

1. Allow one protected file to be accessed by several applications

A. After selecting files at "Protected Files", click "Add" to choose one or more applications allowed to access the selected file.

B. Select access permissions for the file.

Allow one protected files to be accessed by several applications

C. Click "OK".

2. Allow one application to access several files.

A. At "Allowed applications" window from the left side, click "Add an application" to select an application on the computer and click "Select".

B. Authorize the selected applications with delete access/write access/read access.

C. Click "Add" to choose protected files.

Allow one application to access several files

C. Set delete access/write access/read access.

D. Click "OK".

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