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you need to update it to support external HDD in Big Sur

I love this tool just because of its change in my life. Now I don't need to keep and extra partition for moving data from Windows to mac and mac to Windows. Now am able to move and copy data between Windows to macOS of NTFS Drive with the help of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac. This tool made my date. Thanks, Katrina.

Thanks for giving this product. Really amazing. Earlier I have struggled with my hard disk to copy from Mac to hard disk, since my hard disk is formatted with NTFS file system , Now I have copy or paste from Mac to hard disk without any issues

This is a great software. i downloaded the trial version and really enjoyed it.

Great software for a Mac OS user like me. It's super easy to install and it makes transferring of files at the same time reading the files much easier as it is compatible with NTFS drives. Really great product and I don't have to worry about backing up my drives anymore!

A MUST-HAVE for Mac. I have tried tuxera and paragon, though it might seem cheaper than the iboysoft drive manager, not sure what would it install with a big size installer , worried about the data integrity of the filesystem.This seems to be the best in market, with an installer 10x less than the competetors.using it is simple , just mount it and you are ready to write on your NTFS drives.

This product is excellent. It is very user friendly, easy and simple and only shows a small icon on top of the screen. I actually tried 3 other software for NTFS compatibility for MAC, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work until I installed this iBoysoft Drive Manager. I highly recommend this software.

Excellent software for mac OS, which is in the same level to others applications related to access NTFS partitions.It is very intuitive and easy to use. The integration is smooth in mac OS.

This is awesome!! Finally I found the software that allows me to write and read on my NTFS drives. Moving from Windows to Mac is now much easier thanks to iBoysoft.

Awesome product ever! I have a seagate hardisk 2TB with 1 TB of precious data, but it was configured with Windows PC.Online solutions were prompting to format the hard disk to the APFS format supported by Mac. I couldnt format my harddisk with so much precious data on it. That's when I came across this piece of beauty. Quick installing process. I could use my hdd with both Mac and Windows. Thanks a million!!

Absolutely love this makes working easier between different computers. Making backups and moving files.

good product, i was looking for this kind of product for a long time

Love this software as its super reliable and easy to set up. It makes my life so much easier because I can use my hard drive on both my mac and windows computers seamlessly.

This is a terrific product! I was searching long and hard for a product that would seamlessly allow me to use my windows formatted Hard drives on a mac and finally found something that is easy to use and super affordable :)

Absolutely love this software! It works so great that I don't even have to ever think about it :)

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