Comprehensive Control That’s Easy to Manage

iBoysoft DiskGeeker manages any type of storage devices like encrypted drives, network drives, external disks and more.

BitLocker for Mac

By default, a BitLocker encrypted drive can’t be open or access by Mac as BitLocker is a Windows-based encryption feature. iBoysoft DiskGeeker is a BitLocker for Mac tool which is fully compatible with the different BitLocker algorithms (AES-CBC or XTS-AES) and encryption strengths (128-bit or 256-bit), helping users unlock, open, and write BitLocker encrypted drives like a native Mac drive on macOS or Mac OS X.

NTFS for Mac

Apple’s macOS can read from Windows-formatted NTFS volumes but can’t write to them. iBoysoft DiskGeeker adds full capability for NTFS files so you can edit, copy, delete, and transfer them between Mac and Windows without reformatting your drives. Also, this NTFS for Mac has a fast file writing and transferring speed equivalent to the native macOS file system. You no longer need to worry about the NTFS read-only issue.

Drive Encryption

The most extraordinary feature of this disk manager software is its decryption and encryption feature. iBoysoft DiskGeeker allows you to turn on or off BitLocker encryption for external drives formatted by NTFS, FAT 32, or exFAT file systems, and back up BitLocker recovery key for your needs. Besides, it also enables FileVault to encrypt and decrypt APFS, HFS+ disks (an APT and MBR partition is not included).

Map Network Drives as Local Drives

iBoysoft DiskGeeker gives you the freedom to add a brand-new network drive by providing details about the server info and then take care of it from the Finder. The software can easily and efficiently manage any remote network drives of different protocols (SMB, AFP, NFS, FTP, WebDAV), keep them constantly connected and refreshed so they never time out.

Get Control of Your Disk with Custom Settings

The hard disk manager includes many custom settings to help you improve disk management efficiency. It gives you options to automatically disconnect all connected network drives or external drives on sleep mode, connect all network drives or external drives on wake up. Advanced configuration setting is implemented for helping you lock BitLocker drives when the system sleeps. All these options can be checked or unchecked in Preference at any time.

Just 4 steps away to access BitLocker encrypted drives, manage your network drives and external drives with ease.

  • 1


    Download and install iBoysoft DiskGeeker on your Mac. During installation, if you are using macOS 10.14 Mojave or later, you may need to enable system extension and grant full disk access.

  • 2


    Restart your Mac. Choose the Apple menu > Restart.

  • 4

    Launch and Manage

    All external drives connected to your Mac are available in the drive list automatically. Network drives need to be added manually.

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  • Install iBoysoft DiskGeeker
  • Restart Mac
  • iBoysoft DiskGeeker

Supported storage devices

External hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, CF card, MicroSD, SDHC, memory card, memory stick, microcard

System requirements

Supported OS: macOS 12 (Monterey), macOS 11 (Big Sur), macOS 10.15 (Catalina), macOS 10.14 (Mojave), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

Supported hardware: Intel-based Mac, M1/M1 Pro/M1 Max Mac

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Restart iBoysoft DiskGeeker or restart Mac computer to check it again. If it still can't work, please send your problem in details to [email protected] for further analysis.


To uninstall it, you need to go to iBoysoft DiskGeeker settings > More... > Uninstall. Or you can quit the software and drag iBoysoft DiskGeeker from Applications folder to the Mac Trash.


No. If your macOS Disk Utility cannot mount the macOS-compatible external drive, iBoysoft DiskGeeker cannot mount it either.

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