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iBoysoft data recovery was the only product I tried which actually worked to find and restore important videos of my son and I, which we thought were lost on a corrupted micro SD card from the race track today! It located them even after Windows reported the drive unusable in RAW format! Nice, thanks iBoysoft!

The best file recovery software I have ever used. This morning I have carelessly deleted a PowerPoint file on SSD, which will be use for my presentation in university. I tried Recuva, Disk Drill, Puran... All failed. Finally iBoysoft saved my life!

I cannot access my EHD after changing my motherboard. It shows RAW under File System and it should be NTFS. I saw a review online and was told that I have to recover all the files first and this is where iBoysoft Data Recovery comes in. It worked! I can finally reformat my EHD and just transfer all the files I just recovered. Big help!

This product is a life saver! One of my co-workers had 4 years of files and data on an unbacked-up USB memory stick – and it was corrupted and could not be repaired using the typical windows utilities. Fortunately, we found iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows and we’ve recovered 100% of the data on the memory stick. Thanks iBoysoft!

I have only tried the trial version so far but it seems to work its magic pretty nicely. I have used it in order to recover raw data on a flash drive that would not be recognized by windows (10) anymore. Everything seems to have been recognized alright and I am more than happy to use full version in order to recover all of my (previously considered lost) data.Thank you iboysoft!

Fantastic software - recovered data on my external disk when the partition was trashed and drive showed as unallocated. Easy to use, and the selection of files to be recovered meant I could recover the older files that were missing from my backup datasets. Definitely recommend this data recovery tool.

Really good. With it i saved the important files from my failing HDD. Will recomend it to a friend that runs a hardware store and see if he buys it, you guys deserve it

Works like a charm. Easy to follow instructions

Very good program. It has find files from a raw disk and i could recover from it 1 gb. Now i need the license so i can get the whole files. Very good program.

iBoySoft data recovery is a great tool! I got a new HDD and quickly transfered a handful of files to it in order to make space on my other drives. However it failed not too soon afterwards. I have tried numerous (like 4) other solutions, but only iBoySoft makes my desired files even show up! Again: great tool you have here!

iboysoft is the best data recovery software. it has a simple interface and provides a clean and quick recovery of your deleted files. i highly recommend this utility to anyone looking to safeguard their data from accidental deletion.

So my Motherboard fried the other day and rather than getting a new one I decided to get a new computer and use my old hard drive as an external but to my surprise when I hooked it up to the new computer I could not access any files. I searched the internet for the best solution and found iboysoft and decided to try it for free and it worked!!! I now have access to all of my music, video and picture files. You guys rock!!!

My portable drive became unresponsive, the dreaded not initialized, unallocated warning in Windows disk management. All my assignments, music and photos gone! After a panic search of the internet I came across iBoysoft. data recovery.Unlike other software products where you need to re-initialise your drive first and risk losing everything, iBoysoft can scan your un- initialise drive.iBoysoft data recovery recognised my drive straight away. The application simple straight forward layout is easy to understand and to use. iBoysoft data recovery scan my failed drive without a problem finding my files.

iboysoft has saved me from losing my hair on two occasions now. My Samsung T1 drive malfunctioned losing 3 years of work files. On both occasions iboysoft was able to recover ALL data. I now make sure I have two back-ups but iboysoft was the software that allowed me to recover. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Wooow a really life saving and reliable application I used it on multible devices and it was perfect with no data loss ir any problems recovering files of all types and dealing with all raw drives. Thanks for the genius team. Really recommending it too much

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