How to recover data from unrecognized external hard drive?

Posted by Juno to RAW Drive Data Recovery on June 9th, 2017

I have a Western Digital external hard drive that is unrecognized by Windows anymore. When I plug it in, the hard drive does not show up on My Computer but can be found on Disk Management. There must be something wrong with my external hard drive. I do need my data on that drive. Is there any way to get the lost data back?

Have you ever been annoyed by unrecognized or undetected external hard drive as the above? Facing an unrecognized external hard drive, you may think that you've lost all the files forever. Hoverer, that's not true. This passage will tell you the possible causes of unrecognized external hard drive, and more importantly, how to recover data from unrecognized external hard drive in different situations.

Possible causes and solutions of unrecognized external hard drive

Generally speaking, an external hard drive might become unrecognized or undetected due to various reasons such as drive letter conflict, virus infection, improper operation, unsafe ejection, bad sectors, sudden power outage.

In most cases, when you say that the external hard drive is not recognized, you mean the external hard drive can't be detected by My Computer. Under the circumstances, you can firstly go to Disk Management to check whether it can be recognized.

If your external hard drive can be recognized by Disk Management but is unrecognized by My Computer, it may lose drive letter, become RAW file system, or suffer from partition loss.

For the last two situations, please find detailed tutorial to restore data at the end of this passage.

If your external hard drive is unrecognized neither by My Computer nor by Disk Management, there are 2 methods for you:

If both the 2 methods have failed, your external hard drive may be physically damaged and you can turn to a local data recovery company for help.

How to recover data from unrecognized or undetected external hard drive?

If your external hard drive has lost partition or its file system has became RAW, iBoysoft Data Recovery can help you to get lost data back. iBoysoft Data Recovery is a professional data recovery software that can easily help you to recover data from unrecognized external hard drive, RAW external hard drive, corrupted external hard drive, not formatted external hard drive, inaccessible external hard drive, formatted external hard drive, recover files deleted or lost from external hard drive, etc.

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