How to recover data from formatted Windows 10 drive?

Posted by Juno to Format Recovery on May 11th, 2017

Nowadays, Windows 10 has become the most popular Operating System among Windows users. However, it also causes some troubles for numerous users run into data loss problem on Windows 10 due to this or that kind of reasons, such as deleting files by mistake, forgetting to back up before format, formatting a partition by mistake, file system suddenly showing as RAW, bad sectors, virus attack, or improper operation.

Lose data after accidently formatted a drive in Windows 10? Recognize there are still significant files in Windows 10 drive after format? Forget to copy files before formatting a Windows 10 drive?

If you have ever got into data loss problem on formatted Windows 10 drive like the above and want to get your lost data back, it's quite helpful to know how to recover data from formatted Windows 10 drive.

Why you can recover data from formatted Windows 10 drive?

Please note that format is divided into Full Format and Quick Format. Under Windows 10, lost data is recoverable after Quick Format, but is unrecoverable after Full Format as Operating System would erase the data completely (write zero). Fortunately, the default option is Quick Format.

When you perform Quick Format to a hard drive in Windows 10, all the files on it will become invisible for common users so you can't find them. But that doesn't mean these files are permanently deleted from the drive, what has been removed is just the file directory. So the lost files are recoverable as long as they haven't been overwritten by new data.

Tips for data recovery from formatted Windows 10 drive

In order to keep your lost data unwounded, there is one thing you should take care of: once the Windows 10 drive is formatted, though the original files still exist, they can be easily covered by new files. Any further operation performed on the formatted Windows 10 drive, such as, reformatting the drive, saving new files on the drive, saving the restored files on the original drive, will generate new data and may overwrite the original files. Once these old files are corrupted, even if you perform data recovery, you cannot open or use them. So what you should do is stop making any further operation on the Windows 10 drive and take immediate actions to recover data from formatted Windows 10 drive.

Recover data from formatted Windows 10 drive after Quick Format

The only assisting tool you need is iBoysoft Data Recovery, a reliable data recovery software that can efficiently recover data from formatted, RAW, inaccessible, corrupted Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, recover data after quick format, recover data from deleted or lost partition, etc.

Download iBoysoft Data Recovery

Tutorial to recover data from formatted Windows 10 drive with iBoysoft Data Recovery

Step 1: Download and install iBoysoft Data Recovery on your Windows 10 computer.


Step 2: Launch iBoysoft Data Recovery and select the formatted drive which you want to recover data from.

Free format recovery software to recover data from formatted Windows 10 drive

Step 3: Click "Next" to start scanning.

Step 4: Preview the scanning results, choose files you want, click "Recover" button and specify the storage location.

Step 5: Check to ensure you have recovered all lost data.

Aside from formatted Windows 10 drive data recovery, iBoysoft Data Recovery can also recover deleted files even if emptied from Recycle Bin, recover data from RAW hard drive partition, inaccessible hard drive, corrupted hard drive, RAW SD card, RAW USB flash drive, RAW external hard drive, etc.

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