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Eileen Elvira

Eileen Elvira is a marketing specialist as well as an content editor working for iBoysoft.

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As a tech enthusiast, Eileen always shows her great interest in everything about technology, including Mac software, Windows programs, computers, gadgets, and so on.

Working in the information technology especially desktop software field for several years, Eileen loves to use her knowledge to help users handle with data security and disk management problems. If you want to know more about data recovery and data security, she is one of your go-to persons in this company.

During her spare time, Eileen likes watching movies, traveling, enjoying delicious food, reading books and taking care of her little baby. Whether you want to talk about data security or delicious food, she is always willing to be your listener.

Eileen believes that what she pursues will always be achieved inadvertently through her own continuous efforts.

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